I’d like to consider myself as an honest person, well, MOST of the time.

Recently, I became involved in a situation similar to one I had been in about 7 years ago. One where I made decisions that in the end made me feel more, not less, alone, and definitely bashed my self esteem as the situation continued.

Having gone through a lot of inner growth and the attempt to understand my reasoning behind making the same choices over and over, I learned the difference between being alone and being lonely. When it was loneliness that I thought I was feeling, turns out it was emptiness.

I don’t have to be defined by anyone else. I can thrive alone and be genuinely happy.

So today, I got really honest with myself and got out of the current situation before it even got underway. I said ’I will never move forward and heal if I continue making choices that will inevitably put me second’. I was strong and straightforward. It felt GOOD!

The other individual didn’t welcome my sudden revelation.

Some people just can’t handle the truth, I suppose….

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